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도움이 필요한 곳에 이웃의 사랑을 전하는 굿네이버스

4 Community Centers and 3 Daycare Centers in Operation
To provide for the needs of local residents, Good Neighbors currently runs four community centers (Banghwa 2-dong Seoul, Onjoo Chungnam, Gimhae Gyeongnam, Hwaseong Gyeonggi). Good Neighbors also operates three daycare centers in poorer urban areas to provide supervision for children of low-income households during the day time while both parents are at work, and to support working women.

Family Welfare Project

Provides programs such as family counseling, nursing training, parenting classes and vocational training to support healthy families in communities.

Senior Welfare Project

Provides financial assistance, side dishes and free lunches to senior citizens living alone. Also includes celebration events,senior centers and Korean language classes to enrich the leisure hours of the silver generation.

Welfare for Special Needs Individuals

Provides assistance with outings and housekeeping for special needs individuals by forming groups of volunteers within communities. Also includes financial aid for the visually impaired.


In addition to these projects, Good Neighbors supports an array of programs including after-school study centers and counseling for youth, and medical care and care-giving services have been made available for the general public. Community centers in Bang- hwa 2-dong Seoul, Onjoo Chungnam, and Gimhae Gyeongnam also manage daycare centers within the facility, thereby continuo-usly assisting the healthy development of low-income household children.
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